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Saturday October 22, 2016, 7:38 am

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International awards for local grower
By Bryan Jessop

When Orangeline Farms isn’t cleaning up along Highway 77, it’s cleaning up as an awards nominee.

The Leamington-based greenhouse operation was recently informed that it had been selected as the winner of not one but two Summit Creative Awards. The SCAs have been granted to companies annually for the past 22 years, although Oraneline’s Zing! Healthy Foods product line made submissions for the first time for this year. The local grower has been given the 2016 gold award for its website and the bronze award for packaging with a product dubbed the Chef Sampler. For this year, more than 5,000 submissions from 21 countries spanning five continents were considered for major Summit Creative Awards in 20 categories. Orangeline submissions were made online during the summer to the Portland, Oregon-based organization, which evaluates nominees — without knowing their identities — on various criteria. Each submission per category must have been launched within the past year. The local company found out about its two awards via e-mail.

“It’s a true testament to our hard work and the achievements we have been working towards,” stated Zing! Healthy Foods vice president of sales and marketing Jordan Kniaziew.

The company’s website began modestly a number of years ago, serving as a landing site with basic information. Far more recently, it was re-arranged and expanded with a live Instagram feed.

“When we first set out to create a website, we felt it was necessary to achieve something unique — offbeat from the competitors,” explained Kniaziew. “We had fun creating it and it shows in the final design.”

The Chef Sampler that earned a bronze award is a package containing an assortment of shepherd, bell and mini peppers ranging in hues from yellow to orange, red, brown and purple. The package was arranged with the intention of offering a diverse selection of items while taking up minimal space in the buyers’ refrigerators.

“It’s quite impressive, especially coming out of a small town like Leamington,” Orangeline Farms marketing communications coordinator Jeff Epp said of the pair of awards. “We’re always trying to put our best foot forward and come up with creative ideas.”

Orangeline Farms Ltd. was established in 2000 and currently includes a workforce of more than 50 including seasonal/migrant employees. The locally owned company launched the Zing! Healthy Foods line in 2013. Additional acknowledgements included five gold and two bronze medals from the ninth annual Leamington Greenhouse Competition Awards held earlier this year. 



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